Timelapse time!

Here is a collection of timelapses from last year. A big thank you to http://www.purple-planet.com for the soundtrack. Check them out!


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Andriod Lollipop: A few questions!

Disclaimer: The flowing is my personal experience and could be biased. I am using a Moto g Gen 2, which i was really happy with when it was running Android KitKat.

So i upgraded to Android lollipop, in spite of a small voice at the back of my head telling me not to fix something that isn’t broke. And now i am left with some doubts, some regrets and a lot of questions.

First the obvious stuff out of the way: Performance

The performance level has dropped. Simply put. Panorama mode on the camera does not work. Launching of apps is slow.Making a call is one of the slowest operations! I measured a 5 second lag between pressing the dial button and the call being dialed.The phone freezes on the call screen. I can go on, but you get the drift.

Now for the more interesting aspect:  Design

The look and feel of the entire UI has changed and the visual hierarchy in lollipop simply does not make sense to me. Here are a 2 examples:

1) Speed dial screen:


What do the colored tiles mean? Why is one contact staring from A in green and another in purple? Agreed that i can assign a picture to each contact, but why this effort to be colorful out of the box? And if i scroll, the colour of some tiles is the same as that of the background. Where is the sense in that? Is the phone trying to camouflage some items?

2) Contacts: The colours on the contact screen are blue and white, but they change on the detail screen, and i have no idea what controls these colours. The phone icon, SMS icon and the bar at the top are all one colour, which keeps changing with each contact. There is no relation (or at least i have not found any) between they type of contact ( favorite, with / without a profile picture, most dialed etc ) and the colour.


Then there are the little things, the attention to detail. The visual alignment of some of the screens is uncomfortable to me, example below:


Lastly, I fail to understand why each new version of a software needs to look different. The “new” look and feel of lollipop is not particularly appealing to me and nor does it offer any functional enhancements. Overall, its been a benefit less product for me.

Those were some thoughts, i hope i can get a balanced easier Android soon. What do you think?